Part Number


Manufacturer KEMET
Short Description Tantalum Through-Hole Capacitor
Long Description Tantalum Through-Hole Capacitors – Hermetically Sealed T110 Axial MIL–PRF–39003 Polar Type and T212 (CSR13 Style)

Datasheet : T110

  • T1010B01X00 TFT LCD
  • T1010DH (T10xxxH) Standard Triacs
  • T1010H High temperature 10 A sensitive TRIACs
  • T1010MH (T10xxxH) Standard Triacs
  • T1010NH (T10xxxH) Standard Triacs
  • T1010SH (T10xxxH) Standard Triacs
  • T1010T03X00 TFT LCD
  • T1012DH (T10xxxH) Standard Triacs
  • T1012MH (T10xxxH) Standard Triacs
  • T1012NH (T10xxxH) Standard Triacs
  • T1012SH (T10xxxH) Standard Triacs
  • T1013BH (T1013xH) Triac
  • T1013DH (T1013xH) Triac
  • T1013DH (T10xxxH) Standard Triacs
  • T1013MH (T10xxxH) Standard Triacs
  • T1013MH (T1013xH) Triac
  • T1013NH (T10xxxH) Standard Triacs
  • T1013NH (T1013xH) Triac
  • T1013SH (T10xxxH) Standard Triacs
  • T101800128-A0WMN-001 TFT LCD MODULE
  • T101J1AVQE2 Subminiature Rocker Switches
  • T101J1xxxxx Subminiature Rocker Switches
  • T101J6xxxxx Subminiature Rocker Switches
  • T1020-600W (T1020-600W / T1030-600W) SNUBBERLESS TRIAC
  • T1020W (T1020W / T1030W) SNUBBERLESS TRIAC
  • T1021NL T1/Cept/ISDN-PRI Transformers
  • T1023NL T1/Cept/ISDN-PRI Transformers
  • T102J1xxxxx Subminiature Rocker Switches
  • T102J6xxxxx Subminiature Rocker Switches
  • T1030-600W (T1020-600W / T1030-600W) SNUBBERLESS TRIAC
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