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Part Number UBA2211
Description Half-bridge power IC family
Page 19 Pages

UBA2211 datasheet pdf
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Half-bridge power IC family for CFL lamps
Rev. 2 — 3 January 2011
Objective data sheet
1. General description
The UBA2211 family of integrated circuits are a range of high voltage monolithic ICs for
driving Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) in half-bridge configurations. The family is
specifically designed to provide easy integration of lamp loads across a range of burner
power and mains voltages.
Patented technologies and integrated protection types:
Preheat state:
Preheat applications: Adjustable current controlled preheat mode technology
enables the preheat time (tph) and preheat current to be set. This mode is triggered
during start up.
Non-preheat applications: Glow-time control minimizes electrode damage just after
ignition of the lamp.
Saturation Current Protection (SCP): This protection is active during ignition
ensuring the lamp inductor can operate at the saturation current limit without
exceeding the current ratings of the integrated half-bridge power transistors.
RMS current control: The IC internally calculates the RMS current and changes the
frequency (fosc) to ensure the RMS current remains constant. RMS current control is
active in the burn state ensuring a constant half-bridge burner current and IC
dissipation. The nominal half-bridge burner current is set using the sense resistor
OverTemperature Protection (OTP) and Capacitive Mode Protection (CMP):
Overtemperature and capacitive mode protection monitor the application ensuring, in
non-standard conditions, correct system shutdown and a safe condition at the
burner’s end-of-life.
2. Features and benefits
2.1 System integration
„ Integrated half-bridge power transistors
‹ UBA2211A: 220 V mains; 13.5 Ω; 0.9 A maximum ignition current
‹ UBA2211B: 220 V mains; 9 Ω; 1.35 A maximum ignition current
‹ UBA2211C: 220 V mains; 6.6 Ω; 1.85 A maximum ignition current
„ Integrated bootstrap diode
„ Integrated high voltage supply

UBA2211 datasheet pdf
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UBA2211 pdf
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