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Part Number TC1796
Description 32-Bit Single-Chip Microcontroller TriCore
Page 30 Pages

TC1796 datasheet pdf
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TC1796 pdf
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D a t a S h e e t , V 1 . 0 , A p r . 2 0 0
32-Bit Single-Chip Microcontroller
Datasheet pdf -

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Edition 2008-04
Published by
Infineon Technologies AG
81726 Munich, Germany
© 2008 Infineon Technologies AG
All Rights Reserved.
Legal Disclaimer
The information given in this document shall in no event be regarded as a guarantee of conditions or
characteristics. With respect to any examples or hints given herein, any typical values stated herein and/or any
information regarding the application of the device, Infineon Technologies hereby disclaims any and all warranties
and liabilities of any kind, including without limitation, warranties of non-infringement of intellectual property rights
of any third party.
For further information on technology, delivery terms and conditions and prices, please contact the nearest
Infineon Technologies Office (
Due to technical requirements, components may contain dangerous substances. For information on the types in
question, please contact the nearest Infineon Technologies Office.
Infineon Technologies components may be used in life-support devices or systems only with the express written
approval of Infineon Technologies, if a failure of such components can reasonably be expected to cause the failure
of that life-support device or system or to affect the safety or effectiveness of that device or system. Life support
devices or systems are intended to be implanted in the human body or to support and/or maintain and sustain
and/or protect human life. If they fail, it is reasonable to assume that the health of the user or other persons may
be endangered.
Datasheet pdf -

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D a t a S h e e t , V 1 . 0 , A p r . 2 0 0
32-Bit Single-Chip Microcontroller
Datasheet pdf -

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TC1796 Data Sheet
Revision History: V1.0, 2008-04
Previous Version: V1.0, 2008-04 “Preliminary”
Subjects (major changes since last revision)
“Preliminary” status removed. No changes in content.
Changes from V0.7, 2006-03 to V1.0, 2008-04 Preliminary
32 The list of not connected pins (N.C.) improved by adding several
formerly as VSS labeled pins.
69 Watchdog timer, double reset detection, description corrected.
80 RTID register updated for the design step BE.
85 The description of the inactive device current improved.
96 ADC parameters sample and conversion time moved to a dedicated
107 The description of the power supply sequence improved..
115 BFCLKO clock, duty cycle description extended.
126 MLI timing, maximum operating frequency limit extended, t31 added.
131 The drawing of the package updated.
Green package variant included.
133 Example of a temperature profile corrected.
TriCore® is a trademark of Infineon Technologies AG.
We Listen to Your Comments
Any information within this document that you feel is wrong, unclear or missing at all?
Your feedback will help us to continuously improve the quality of this document.
Please send your proposal (including a reference to this document) to:
Data Sheet
V1.0, 2008-04
Datasheet pdf -

TC1796 datasheet pdf
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TC1796 pdf
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