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Part Number SILRX-418-10
Description (SILRX-4xx-xx) UHF Radio Telemetry Receiver Module
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SILRX-418-10 datasheet pdf
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SILRX-418-10 pdf
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Hartcran House, Gibbs Couch, Watford, WD19 5EZ, England
Issue 3, 13 April 2001 Tel: +44 (0) 20 8428 1220, Fax: +44 (0) 20 8428
SILRX-UHF Radio Telemetry Receiver Module
UK version:
Euro version:
SILRX-418-5 / SILRX-418-10
SILRX-433-5 / SILRX-433-10
The SILRX-418-5 and SILRX-433-5 integrate a
complete FM superhet UHF radio receiver on a
small module. Together with the matching TXM-
418-5 or TXM-433-5 transmitter a one-way radio
data link can be achieved over a distance upto 200
metres on open ground
Typical features include:
left: TXM-418-5 transmitter right: SILRX-418-5 receiver
PCB mounting, space saving SIL style
418 MHz SAW controlled wide band FM reception
Selective double conversion superhet
Sensitive typ. 0.5µV (-113 dBm) for 20 dB S/N
High data rates, 5kbps and 10kbps
Analogue and Digital data outputs
Carrier detect output
Fast enable time,< 3ms for duty cycle power save use
Wide supply range, 4.0V to 9.0V
Low current, 13 mA continuous, 130µA on power save (100:1)
The SILRX radio receiver and the matching DTI (RA) approved transmitter (TXM-418-5) are self
contained, PCB mounting modules capable of transferring analogue or digital data up to a distance
of 200m.
The SILRX receiver module is particularly suitable for battery powered portable applications where it’s
low power requirements and small size are of advantage. It may also be used as a lower cost option to
the RXM-418-10 in fixed applications where the higher data rates and signal strength output of the
RXM-418-10 are not required.
Typical applications include:-
Site paging receivers
Line powered telephone auto diallers
Guard patrol/lone worker protection
Mobile panic attack
Battery powered half duplex data networks
Lighting control, Garage door openers
Picture/antique protection alarms
Radiometrix Ltd, SILRX-UHF Data Sheet
Paging car alarms
Domestic and commercial security
Medical Alert/Nurse Call system
Remote industrial process monitoring
Data transfer through hazardous environments
Fire alarms
Remote control, Access control
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SILRX-418-10 datasheet pdf
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SILRX-418-10 pdf
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SILRX-418-10 (SILRX-4xx-xx) UHF Radio Telemetry Receiver Module SILRX-418-10
SILRX-418-10 pdf

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