Part Number


Manufacturer Sino Wealth Microelectronic
Short Description OTP 4-Bit Microcontroller
Long Description SH69P42 OTP 4-bit Microcontroller with SAR 8-bit A/D Converter Features www.DataSheet4U.com SH6610D-based single-chip 4-

Datasheet : SH69P42

  • SH69P20 OTP 4-bit Microcontroller
  • SH69P20C OTP 1K 4-bit Microcontroller
  • SH69P21 OTP 1K 4-bit Microcontroller
  • SH69P23 OTP 4-bit Microcontroller
  • SH69P24 4K LCD & LED
  • SH69P25 OTP 4K x 4-Bit Micro-Controller
  • SH69P26 OTP 6K 4-Bit Micro-Controller
  • SH69P42 OTP 4-Bit Microcontroller
  • SH69P43 OTP 4-Bit Microcontroller
  • SH69P461 OTP 2K 4-bit Micro-controller
  • SH69P48 OTP 4K 4-bit Micro-controller
  • SH69P481 4K One-Time Programming 12-Bit ADC Type 4-Bit MCU
  • SH69P482 4K One-Time Programming 12-Bit ADC Type 4-Bit MCU
  • SH69P48A OTP 4K 4-bit Micro-controller
  • SH69P55 OTP 8K 4-Bit Micro-controller
  • SH69P552A LCD Driver and 10-bit ADC 4-bit MCU
  • SH69P55A OTP/MASK 8K 4-Bit Micro-controller
  • SH69P561 OTP/MASK 4K 4-bit Micro-controller
  • SH69P802 OTP 2K 4-bit Micro-controller
  • SH69P842 OTP 2K 4-bit Micro-controller
  • SH69P848A OTP 2K 4-bit Microcontroller
  • SH69P862 OTP 2K 4-bit Microcontroller
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