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Part Number S1C63616
Description 4-bit Single Chip Microcontroller
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S1C63616 datasheet pdf
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S1C63616 pdf
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4-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
Original Architecture Core CPU
Low Current Consumption
High Speed Operation in Low Voltage
The S1C63616 is a microcomputer which has a 4-bit CPU S1C63000 as the core CPU, ROM (16,384 words ×
13 bits), RAM (2,048 words × 4 bits), multiply-divide circuit, serial interface, watchdog timer, programmable
timer, time base counters (2 systems), a dot matrix LCD driver that can drive a maximum 1,280 dots of LCD
panel, and an R/f converter that can measure temperature and humidity using sensors such as a thermistor.
The S1C63616 features low current consumption, this makes it suitable for battery driven clocks and watches
with temperature and humidity measurement functions.
OSC1 oscillation circuit
OSC3 oscillation circuit
Instruction set
Instruction execution time
ROM capacity
RAM capacity
I/O port
Serial interface
LCD driver
Time base counter
Programmable timer
Watchdog timer
Sound generator
R/f converter
Multiply-divide circuit
Supply voltage detection (SVD) circuit
External interrupt
Internal interrupt
Power supply voltage
Operating temperature range
Current consumption (Typ.)
Shipment form
32.768 kHz (Typ.) crystal oscillation circuit
4.2 MHz (Max.) ceramic or 1.8 MHz (Typ.) CR oscillation circuit (*1)
Basic instruction: 47 types (411 instructions with all)Addressing mode: 8 types
During operation at 32.768 kHz:61 μsec 122 μsec 183 μsec
During operation at 4 MHz:
0.5 μsec 1 μsec 1.5 μsec
Code ROM:
16,384 words × 13 bits
Data ROM:
2,048 words × 4 bits
Data memory:
2,048 words × 4 bits
Display memory: 2,048 bits
16 bits (pull-down resistors may be incorporated*1
Shared with 4 serial I/F I/O pins, 4 R/f converter I/O pins,
and 3 special output pins *2)
1 port (8-bit clock synchronous system)
40 segments × 32 commons, 48 segments × 24 commons,
or 56 segments × 16 commons (*2)
Clock timer
Stopwatch timer (1/1000 sec, with direct key input function)
16-bit timer × 4 ch.
(each 16-bit timer is configurable to two 8-bit timer channels *2)
With envelope and 1-shot output functions
2 ch., CR oscillation type, 20-bit counter
Supports resistive humidity sensors
8-bit accumulator × 1 ch.
Multiplication: 8 bits × 8 bits -> 16-bit product
Division: 16 bits ÷ 8 bits -> 8-bit quotient and 8-bit remainder
Programmable 16 detection voltage levels (*2)
Key input interrupt: 8 systems
Clock timer interrupt:
8 systems
Stopwatch timer interrupt:
4 systems
Programmable timer interrupt:
16 systems
Serial interface interrupt:
1 system
R/f converter interrupt:
3 systems
1.6 to 5.5 V
-40 to 85°C
During SLEEP (32 kHz)
During HALT (32 kHz)
During running (32 kHz)
During running (4 MHz)
0.08 μA
0.6 μA
2.5 μA
320 μA
TQFP15-128pin or die form
*1: Can be selected with mask option *2: Can be selected with software
Free Datasheet http://www.datasheet4u.com/

S1C63616 datasheet pdf
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S1C63616 pdf
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S1C63616 4-bit Single Chip Microcontroller S1C63616
S1C63616 pdf

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