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Part Number S1C63408
Description 4-bit Single Chip Microcontroller
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S1C63408 datasheet pdf
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S1C63408 pdf
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4-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
Original Architecture Core CPU
Low Current Consumption
High Speed Operation in Low Voltage
The S1C63408 is a microcomputer which has a high-performance 4-bit CPU S1C63000 as the core CPU, code
ROM, RAM, data ROM, serial interface, watchdog timer, programmable timer, time base counters (2 systems)
and a dot-matrix LCD driver. Furthermore, the built-in reset circuit (with power-on reset function) can detect the
power supply voltage to reset the S1C63408 when the power is turned on or an instantaneous power
interruption occurs. The S1C63408 features high speed operation with a low operating voltage (1.3 V to 3.6 V)
and low current consumption, this makes it suitable for applications working with batteries, such as portable MD
and CD player systems.
OSC1 oscillation circuit
OSC3 oscillation circuit
Instruction set
Instruction execution time
ROM capacity
RAM capacity
Input port
Output port
I/O port
Serial interface
LCD driver
Time base counter
Programmable timer
Watchdog timer
Supply voltage detection (SVD) circuit
Reset circuit
External interrupt
Internal interrupt
Power supply voltage
Operating temperature range
Current consumption
32.768 kHz (Typ.) crystal or 60 kHz (Typ.) CR oscillation circuit (*1)
4 MHz (Typ.) crystal, 3.58 MHz (Typ.) ceramic
or 2 MHz (Typ.) CR oscillation circuit (*1)
Basic instruction: 47 types (411 instructions with all)
Addressing mode: 8 types
During operation at 32.768 kHz:61 μsec
During operation at 60 kHz:
During operation at 2 MHz:
During operation at 3.58 MHz:
During operation at 4 MHz:
122 μsec 183 μsec
33 μsec 67 μsec 100 μsec
1 μsec 2 μsec
3 μsec
0.56 μsec 1.12 μsec 1.68 μsec
0.5 μsec 1 μsec
1.5 μsec
Code ROM:
8,192 words × 13 bits
Data ROM:
4,096 words × 4 bits (S1C63408)
Data memory:
1,024 words × 4 bits
Display memory: 1,020 bits (240 words × 4 bits + 60 × 1 bit)
4 bits (Pull-up resistors may be supplemented *1)
4 bits (It is possible to switch the 2 bits to special outputs 2)
4 bits with Schmitt trigger input
(Built-in pull-up resistors may be disabled *2
It is possible to switch to serial I/F inputs/outputs *2)
1 port (8-bit clock synchronous or asynchronous system *2)
60 segments × 8, 9, 16 or 17 commons (*2)
2 systems (Clock timer, stopwatch timer)
8 bits × 2 ch. or 16 bits × 1 ch., with event counter function
16 values, programmable (1.30 V to 2.80 V)
Built-in (1.8 V, 1.6 V or 1.4 V 1), with power-on reset function
Input port interrupt:
4 systems
Clock timer interrupt: 4 systems
Stopwatch timer interrupt:
2 systems
Programmable timer interrupt: 2 systems
Serial interface interrupt:
3 systems
1.3 V to 3.6 V
(Min. 1.4 V when 700 kHz (Max.) OSC3 CR oscillator is used)
(Min. 1.6 V when 2.2 MHz (Max.) OSC3 CR oscillator is used)
(Min. 1.8 V when 4.2 MHz (Max.) OSC3 oscillator is used)
-40°C to 85°C
Low-power operation (*3):
During SLEEP 1.2 μA (Typ.)
During HALT (32 kHz cryctal oscillation)
3.6 V (LCD OFF)
3.6 V (LCD ON, VC1 standard)
3.6 V (LCD ON, VC2 standard)
1.3 μA (Typ.)
3.0 μA (Typ.)
2.5 μA (Typ.)
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S1C63408 datasheet pdf
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S1C63408 pdf
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S1C63408 4-bit Single Chip Microcontroller S1C63408
S1C63408 pdf

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