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Part Number S1C63008
Description 4-bit Single Chip Microcontroller
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S1C63008 datasheet pdf
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S1C63008 pdf
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4-bit Single Chip Microcontroller
z High Performance 4-bit Core CPU S1C63000
z Segment LCD Driver (Max:50SEG x 8COM)
z R/F Converter to Measure Temperature and Humidity
z Low Current Consumption
z Low Voltage Operation
The S1C63008 is a microcontroller features low voltage operations and low current consumption. It consists of a 4-bit core
CPU S1C63000 as the core CPU, ROM (8K words x 13 bits), RAM (1K words x 4 bits), supply voltage detection (SVD) circuit,
serial interface, timers, sound generator, and integer multiplier. It also incorporates a segment LCD controller/driver that can
drive a maximum 50-segment x 8-common LCD panel, and an R/F converter that can measure temperature and humidity
using sensors such as a thermistor.
The S1C63008 is suitable for battery driven clocks and watches with temperature and humidity measurement functions.
z OSC1 oscillation circuit
z OSC3 oscillation circuit
4-bit CMOS core CPU S1C63000
32.768kHz (Typ.) crystal oscillation circuit
4.0MHz (Typ., 3V model) / 1.0MHz (Typ., 1.5V model) ceramic oscillation circuit
1.8MHz (Typ., 3V model) / 500kHz (Typ., 1.5V model) CR oscillation circuit
(extenal R), or
z Instruction set
500kHz (Typ., 3V model / 1.5V model) CR oscillation circuit (built-in R) (*1)
47 types of basic instructions (411 instructions with all),
z Instruction execution time
8 types of addressing modes
During operation at 32.768kHz: 61µsec 122µsec 183µsec
z ROM capacity
During operation at 4MHz: 0.5µsec
Code ROM: 8,192 words x 13 bits
1µsec 1.3µsec
z RAM capacity
Data ROM: 2,048 words x 4 bits
Data memory: 1,024 words x 4 bits
z LCD driver
z I/O ports
z Serial interface
z Time base counters
Display memory: 400 bits
50 segments (Max., *1) x 3 to 8 commons (*2)
24 bits
1 port (8-bit clock synchronous system with SPI supported)
Clock timer
z Programmable timer
1/1000-second stopwatch timer with direct key input function
8-bit timer x 3 channels
z Watchdog timer
z Sound generator
z R/F converter
(Can be used as 16-bit timer x 1 + 8-bit timer x 1) (*2)
With envelope and 1-shot output functions
2 channels, CR oscillation type R/F converter with 20-bit counters,
supports resistive humidity sensors
z Integer Multiplier
8-bit accumulator x 1 channel
Multiplication: 8 bits x 8 bits 16-bit product
Division: 16 bits ÷ 8 bits 8-bit quotient and 8-bit remainder
z Supply voltage detection (SVD) circuit
z External interrupt
z Internal interrupt
Programmable 29 detection voltage levels (*2)
Key input
8 systems
Watchdog timer (NMI)
1 systems
Clock timer
8 systems
Stopwatch timer
4 systems
Programmable timer
6 systems
Serial interface
1 systems
z Power supply voltage
z Operation temperature range
z Current consumption (Typ.)
R/F converter
3 systems
1.8 to 5.5V (3V normal type) or 1.1 to 1.7V (1.5V low-voltage type) (*1)
-40 to 85°C
SLEEP (32kHz) 0.1µA (3V model) / 0.1µA (1.5V model)
HALT (32kHz)
0.5µA (3V model) / 0.5µA (1.5V model)
RUN (32kHz)
2.3µA (3V model) / 2.0µA (1.5V model)
z Shipment form
RUN (4M/1MHz) 220µA (4MHz, 3V model) / 60µA (1MHz, 1.5V model)
QFP15-100pin, TQFP14-100pin, or die form
*1: Can be selected with mask option. *2: Can be selected with software.
Free Datasheet http://www.datasheet4u.com/

S1C63008 datasheet pdf
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S1C63008 pdf
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