Part Number


Manufacturer Panasonic
Short Description Silicon planar type Phototransistors
Long Description (planed maintMeaniantnecneatnycpee/,Dimsaciontnteinnaunecdeitnyclpue,deplsafnolleodwdiinsgc foontiurnuPreoddtyucptelidf,
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Datasheet : PN154

  • PN100 Small Signal General Purpose Transistors
  • PN100 NPN General Purpose Amplifier
  • PN100A NPN Amplifier
  • PN100A Small Signal General Purpose Transistors
  • PN1011 (PN1xx) SMD Power Inductors Unshielded
  • PN105 (PN1xx) SMD Power Inductors Unshielded
  • PN107 (PN108) Silicon NPN Phototransistors
  • PN108 (PN107) Silicon NPN Phototransistors
  • PN108CL Silicon NPN Phototransistor
  • PN10HN60 N-Channel Superjunction MOSFET
  • PN10HN60-CAI-T1 N-Channel Superjunction MOSFET
  • PN10HN60-CBI-T1 N-Channel Superjunction MOSFET
  • PN1105 SMD Power Inductors Unshielded
  • PN1108 SMD Power Inductors Unshielded
  • PN115 Silicon NPN Phototransistor
  • PN116 Silicon planar type
  • PN121S Silicon NPN Phototransistor
  • PN1307 (PN1xx) SMD Power Inductors Unshielded
  • PN150 Silicon planar type For optical control systems
  • PN154 Silicon planar type Phototransistors
  • PN155 Silicon NPN Phototransistor
  • PN158 Silicon planar type For optical control systems
  • PN1608 SMD Power Inductors Unshielded
  • PN163NC Silicon NPN Phototransistor
  • PN166 Silicon PNP Phototransistor
  • PN168 Silicon NPN Phototransistor
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