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Part Number PE2118
Description Synchronous Boost DC/DC Regulator
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PE2118 datasheet pdf
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PE2118 pdf
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Synchronous Boost DC/DC Regulator PE2118
Up to 96% Efficiency
Low voltage start-up 0.9V
Shut-down current: < 1 A
Input voltage 0.6V 4.4V
Output voltage 2.5V 4.3V (Up to 5V
with Schottky)
Low switch on resistance RDS(ON),
Internal switch: 0.35
1.4MHz fixed frequency switching
High switch on current: 1A
Short-Circuit protection
Low profile SOT-23-6 package (lead-free
packaging is now available)
Digital cameras and MP3
Palmtop computers / PDAs
Cellular phones
Wireless handsets and DSL modems
PC cards
Portable media players
The PE2118 is high efficiency synchronous,
PWM step-up DC/DC converters optimized
to provide a high efficient solution to
medium power systems. The devices work
under the input voltage between 0.6V and
4.4V with a 1.4MHz fixed frequency
switching. These features minimize overall
solution footprint by allowing the use of tiny,
low profile inductors and ceramic
The PE2118 is capable of supplying an
output voltage between 2.5V and 4.3V, the
internal synchronous switch is desired to
provide high efficiency without Schottky.
The devices also featured providing up to
260mA from a single AA cell input or up to
600mA from a 2-cell AA with a 3V/3.3V
The PE2118 regulators are available in the
industry standard SOT-23-6 power packages
(or upon request).
Order Information
Denotes Output voltage:
A : Adjustable Output
Denotes Package Types:
F: SOT-23-6
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PE2118 datasheet pdf
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PE2118 pdf
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PE2118 Synchronous Boost DC/DC Regulator PE2118
PE2118 pdf

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