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Part Number N-3412-2-xxxAA
Description MPN Motors
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N-3412-2-xxxAA datasheet pdf
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N-3412-2-xxxAA pdf
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MPN motors with
higher performance
The MPN motors are designed to replace the N-Series motors recently
discontinued by Rockwell Automation. Parker’s MPN motors feature the
proven technology of the MPM motor family, and are modified to match
the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the Rockwell N-Series
family. The front motor mount, shaft dimensions, connectors and the
electrical Ke (back-emf) of the motors are identical to that of the
N-Series motors.
MPN replacement motors replace all the Rockwell N-Series motors.
The N2302, N2304, N3406, N3412, N4214, N4220, N5630, N5637, and
N5647 can all be replaced with the MPN motors. All the MPN motor
configuration files, which contain the electrical setup parameters for
the Rockwell Ultra family of servo amplifiers, are available online.
• Same shaft and front flange dimensions as the Rockwell
N-Series motors.
• Same electrical connectors as the N-Series motors.
• Comparable rotor inertia as the N-Series motors making
re-tuning unnecessary.
• MPN has more torque per frame size than the comparable
N-Series motors.
• Ultra 3000 and Ultra 100 / 200 configuration files provided,
making system setup much faster.
• Uses the proven design and technology of the MPM family of
motors. These are proven products in industry.
• IP65 UL / CE certified.
• Motor brake option available for all motors
• Two-year warranty
Custom Designed Servo Motors For Your Specific Application. Call 1-800.358.9070 Today.
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Electromechanical Automation Division

N-3412-2-xxxAA datasheet pdf
Download PDF for PC
N-3412-2-xxxAA pdf
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N-3412-2-xxxAA MPN Motors N-3412-2-xxxAA
N-3412-2-xxxAA pdf

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