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Part Number MIC2251
Description High-Efficiency Low EMI Boost Regulator
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MIC2251 datasheet pdf
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MIC2251 pdf
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High-Efficiency Low EMI
Boost Regulator
General Description
The MIC2251 is a general purpose DC/DC boost switching
regulator that features low noise, EMI reduction circuitry,
and high efficiency across a wide output current range.
The MIC2251 is optimized for noise-sensitive hand held
battery powered applications. A proprietary control method
allows low ripple across the output voltage and current
ranges. The MIC2251 incorporates a pseudo-random
dithering function to reduce EMI levels up to 10dB enabled
by the DITH pin.
The MIC2251 is designed for use with inductor values from
4.7µH to 22µH, and is stable with ceramic capacitors from
1µF to 22µF.
The MIC2251 attains a high peak efficiency up to 90% at
100mA and excellent light load efficiency of 80% at 1mA.
High power density is achieved with the MIC2251’s
internal 40V/2A rated switch, allowing it to power large
loads in a tiny footprint.
The MIC2251 is available in a 8-pin 2mm x 2mm MLF®
leadless package option with an operating junction
temperature range of –40°C to +125°C.
Data sheets and support documentation can be found on
Micrel’s web site at: www.micrel.com.
Over 80% efficient for a 300:1 load range
2.5V to 5.5V input voltage range
Output voltage adjustable to 37V
2A switch current
52µA (typ) quiescent current
Constant peak current control reduces output ripple
EMI reduction circuitry
Stable with small ceramic capacitors
<1µA shutdown current
UVLO and thermal shutdown
8-pin 2mm x 2mm leadless MLF® package
–40°C to +125°C junction temperature range
LCD/OLED display bias supply
CCD bias supply
Mobile Phones, PDA, Media Players, GPS PND
Haptic displays
Local 5V, 15V, 24V rail
Typical Application
MLF and MicroLeadFrame are registered trademarks of Amkor Technology, Inc.
Micrel Inc. • 2180 Fortune Drive • San Jose, CA 95131 • USA • tel +1 (408) 944-0800 • fax + 1 (408) 474-1000 • http://www.micrel.com
February 2011

MIC2251 datasheet pdf
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MIC2251 pdf
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