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Part Number MFEV710
Description Pegoda EV710 SAM support
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MFEV710 datasheet pdf
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MFEV710 pdf
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Pegoda EV710
Rev. 3 — 14 February 2011
Product short data sheet
1. General description
The new Pegoda is NXP’s latest generation of reference designs for secure MIFARE
applications. Built around proven, well-established MIFARE solutions and powerful ARM
Cortex-M3 processors, these design in kits are available in two evaluation kits: the
MFEV710 and the MFEV852.
The MFEV710 design in kit includes the MFRD710 contactless smartcard reader, a
design based on the MFRC523 contactless reader IC. The kit supports the entire MIFARE
portfolio: MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE Plus, and MIFARE Ultralight C,
including SAM AV2 (in x- and non-x modes). The kits also offer full support of MIFARE
discover, with a reader library for all the MIFARE card products.
It uses an open software concept and PC-based tools. The software code and hardware
architecture are reusable, and each kit includes a sample SAM-based, secure reader
architecture that implements multiple protocols. For added flexibility in development, the
flash-based microcontroller supports custom application development based on Pegoda
hardware. The microcontroller is open for customer code implementations, and the
design’s hardware interfaces are open for customer extensions.
The kit include native support for USB. An optional hardware extension board, available
on request, provides additional support for RS232, RS485, and Ethernet. The extension
board also has a JTAG interface, for debugging functionality directly on the
microcontroller, and is accompanied by a free embedded toolchain for firmware
The GUI supplied with each kit uses the familiar Windows look and feel and offers a range
of features, including history, log, timing profile management, key management, show
cards, and installer.
Minimum system requirements The minimum system requirements for running either
evaluation kit are as follows: Intel Pentium 166 MHz or equivalent, 32 Mbytes RAM,
20 Mbytes free hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, USB support, and Windows 7,
Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows Server in 32- or 64-bit version.
2. Features and benefits
2.1 Features
„ Multiprotocol ISO/IEC 14443 and MIFARE operation
„ PC/SC-based architecture on widely deployed hardware solutions
„ Full support for entire MIFARE card portfolio and MIFAREdiscover
„ SAM support in standard or x-mode

MFEV710 datasheet pdf
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MFEV710 pdf
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MFEV710 pdf

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