Part Number


Manufacturer Maxim Integrated
Short Description USB Current-Limited Switches
Long Description 19-1518; Rev 2; 9/01 MAX1693/(MAX1693H)/MAX1694 USB Current-Limited Switches with Fault Blanking General Description

Datasheet : MAX1693H

  • MAX16903 1A Mini-Buck Converter
  • MAX16904 600mA Mini-Buck Converter
  • MAX16910 Linear Regulator
  • MAX16913 Remote Antenna Current-Sense Amplifier/Switches
  • MAX16913A Remote Antenna Current-Sense Amplifier/Switches
  • MAX16914 Overvoltage Protection Switch/Limiter Controllers
  • MAX16915 Overvoltage Protection Switch/Limiter Controllers
  • MAX16919 500mA-3A Automotive Hi-Speed USB Protector
  • MAX1692 Low-Noise / 5.5V-Input / PWM Step-Down Regulator
  • MAX16920 Automotive Power-Management
  • MAX16922 Step-Down DC-DC Converters
  • MAX16927 Automotive TFT-LCD Power Supply
  • MAX16928 Automotive TFT-LCD Power Supply
  • MAX16929 Automotive TFT-LCD Power Supply
  • MAX1693 USB Current-Limited Switches
  • MAX16930 (MAX16930 / MAX16931) Dual Buck
  • MAX16931 (MAX16930 / MAX16931) Dual Buck
  • MAX16935 2.2MHz Step-Down Converters
  • MAX16936 Step-Down Converter
  • MAX16939 2.2MHz Step-Down Converters
  • MAX1693H USB Current-Limited Switches
  • MAX1694 USB Current-Limited Switches
  • MAX16952 2.2MHz Step-Down Controller
  • MAX16955 1MHz Step-Down Controller
  • MAX16956 Mini Buck Converter
  • MAX16963 Low-Voltage Step-Down DC-DC Converter
  • MAX1697 60mA / SOT23 Inverting Charge Pump with Shutdown
  • MAX1698 High-Efficiency Step-Up Current Regulator
  • MAX1698A High-Efficiency Step-Up Current Regulator
  • MAX16990 2.5MHz Automotive Boost/SEPIC Controllers
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