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Part Number M-8888-01
Description DTMF Transceiver
Page 14 Pages

M-8888-01 datasheet pdf
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M-8888-01 pdf
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· Advanced CMOS technology for low power con-
sumption and increased noise immunity
· Complete DTMF transmitter/receiver in a single
Standard 8051, 8086/8 microprocessor port
· Central office quality and performance
· Adjustable guard time
· Automatic tone burst mode
· Call progress mode
· Single +5 Volt power supply
· 20-pin DIP and SOIC packages
· 2 MHz microprocessor port operation
·· Inexpensive 3.58 MHz crystal
Paging systems
· Repeater systems/mobile radio
· Interconnect dialers
· PBX systems
· Computer systems
· Fax machines
· Pay telephone
·· Credit card verification
DTMF Transceiver
The M-8888 is a complete DTMF Transmitter
Receiver that features adjustable guard time, auto-
matic tone burst mode, call progress mode, and a fully
compatible 8051, 8086/8 microprocessor interface.
The receiver portion is based on the industry standard
M-8870 DTMF Receiver, while the transmitter uses a
switched-capacitor digital-to-analog converter for low-
distortion, highly accurate DTMF signaling. Tone
bursts can be transmitted with precise timing by mak-
ing use of the automatic tone burst mode. To analyze
call progress tones, a call progress filter can be select-
ed by an external microprocessor.
Ordering Information
Part #
20-pin plastic DIP
M-8888-01SM 20-pin plastic SOIC
20-pin plastic SOIC,Tape and Reel
Pin Connections
Block Diagram

M-8888-01 datasheet pdf
Download PDF for PC
M-8888-01 pdf
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