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Manufacturer Linear Technology
Short Description Quad 12-Bit Rail-to-Rail Micropower DACs
Long Description LTC1458/LTC1458L Quad 12-Bit Rail-to-Rail Micropower DACs FEATURES s s s s s DESCRIPTION The LTC®1458/LTC1458L are co
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Datasheet : LTC1458

  • LTC1400 Complete SO-8 12-Bit 400ksps ADC
  • LTC1401 Complete SO-8 12-Bit 200ksps ADC
  • LTC1402 2.2Msps Sampling ADC
  • LTC1403 Serial 12-Bit14-Bit 2.8Msps Sampling ADCs
  • LTC1403-1 2.8Msps Sampling ADCs
  • LTC1403A Serial 12-Bit14-Bit 2.8Msps Sampling ADCs
  • LTC1403A-1 2.8Msps Sampling ADCs
  • LTC1404 Complete SO-8 12-Bit 600ksps ADC
  • LTC1405 12-Bit/ 5Msps/ Sampling ADC
  • LTC1406 Low Power/ 8-Bit/ 20Msps/ Sampling A/D Converter
  • LTC1407 Simultaneous Sampling ADCs
  • LTC1407-1 3Msps Simultaneous Sampling ADCs
  • LTC1407A Simultaneous Sampling ADCs
  • LTC1407A-1 3Msps Simultaneous Sampling ADCs
  • LTC1408 600ksps Simultaneous Sampling ADC
  • LTC1408-12 600ksps Simultaneous Sampling ADC
  • LTC1409 12-Bit 800ksps Sampling A/D Converter
  • LTC1410 12-Bit 1.25Msps Sampling A/D Converter
  • LTC1411 Single Supply 14-Bit 2.5Msps ADC
  • LTC1412 12-Bit/ 3Msps/ Sampling A/D Converter
  • LTC1414 14-Bit/ 2.2Msps/ Sampling A/D Converter
  • LTC1415 12-Bit/ 1.25Msps/ 55mW Sampling A/D Converter
  • LTC1416 Low Power 14-Bit/ 400ksps Sampling ADC
  • LTC1417 Low Power 14-Bit 400ksps Sampling ADC Converter
  • LTC1418 Low Power 14-Bit 200ksps ADC
  • LTC1419 14-Bit 800ksps Sampling A/D Converter
  • LTC1420 12-Bit/ 10Msps/ Sampling ADC
  • LTC1421 Hot Swap Controller
  • LTC1421-2.5 Hot Swap Controller
  • LTC1422 Hot Swap Controller
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