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Part Number LP8725
Description Power Management Unit
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LP8725 datasheet pdf
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LP8725 pdf
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December 1, 2009
Power Management Unit for Application/Multimedia
Processors and Sub-Systems
General Description
This device is a multi-function, programmable Power Man-
agement Unit (PMU), optimized for sub block power solutions.
This device integrates two highly efficient 600 mA step-down
DC/DC converters configurable up to 800 mA load with Dy-
namic Voltage Scaling (DVS) through an I2C, two low noise
analog LDOs, three digital LDOs for up to 300 mA load current
each, two Low Input Low Output (LILO) regulators and an
I2C-compatible serial interface to allow a host controller ac-
cess to the internal control registers. The device also features
programmable power-on sequencing. LDO regulators pro-
vide high PSRR and low noise ideally suited for supplying
power to both analog and digital loads.
The device can be configured either as a Sub_PMU for mod-
ules (for example, camera/multimedia modules) or as a
stand-alone PMU that powers the processor itself.
Notice: This document is not a datasheet. For more in-
formation regarding this product or to order samples
please contact your local National Semiconductor sales
office or visit http://www.national.com/support/dir.html.
Two High Efficiency Step-Down DC/DC Convertors,
IOUT = 600 mA, with a 4MHz switching frequency using
small 1µH inductors, with options up to 800 mA.
Three digital LDOs for up to 300 mA load current each
Two low-noise analog 300 mA LDOs
Two low-input low output regulators, IOUT = 300 mA
I2C-compatible interface for the controlling of internal
Adjustable startup sequence through I2C or configuration
Thermal shutdown protection
Key Specifications
190 mV typ. Dropout Voltage on digital LDOs @ 300 mA
2% typ. Output Voltage Accuracy on digital and analog
10 µVrms Output Noise on analog LDOs
±2% typ. Output Voltage Bucks up to 93% efficiency
30-bump micro SMD package (0.5 mm pitch)
Multi-media Processors
Portable Handheld Products
© 2009 National Semiconductor Corporation 300980

LP8725 datasheet pdf
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LP8725 pdf
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