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Part Number JMB390
Description RAID Port Multiplier Chip
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JMB390 datasheet pdf
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JMB390 RAID Port Multiplier Chip
1. Overview
JMicron JMB390 is a single chip, 1 to 2-ports Serial ATA II Port Multiplier with RAID function support.
It is designed to provide SATA port expansion, data protection and performance aggregation at various
JMB390 uses JMicron’s production-proven Multi-port Serial ATA PHY technology and
JMicron-proprietary storage processor to provide very high efficient SATA RAID operation. With an easy
configuration scheme, the device can be a pure port multiplier which provides SATA port expansion just like
a SATA Hub, or hard-drive performance booster which provides a high performance device seen by host
controller or hard-drive data protector which automatically backup data to prevent data loss from hard-drive
JMB390 is a self-contained storage processor chip which completely frees up the main CPU loading and
the SATA ports comply with eSATA specification, making it suitable for use in both internal system and
external storage applications
2. Compliance, Features
2.1 Compliance
Compliant with Serial ATA II Port
Multiplier Spec. Revision 1.1
Compliant with Serial ATA II PHY
Electrical Spec. Revision 1.0
Compliant with Serial ATA High Speed
Serialized AT Attachment Spec. Revision 2.5
2.2 General
Integrated 3-port SATA II PHY
Integrated PLL for SATA II interface
Total six independent SATA channel
Integrated uP, PROM and SRAM for
firmware programming
Integrated high performance RAID
storage processor
1.3V core and 3.3V I/O power supply
Available in 48-pin QFN package
2.3 SATA
Supports 3-port 3.0Gbps SATA II
Supports SATA II Gen2i and Gen2m
(External SATA Connection, eSATA)
Output swing control and automatic
impedance calibration for SATA II PHY
Supports asynchronous signal recovery
Supports spread spectrum clocking
Supports partial / slumber power saving
Automatically speed negotiation for 3
Gbps or 1.5 Gbps
Supports BIST and loopback mode
Supports staggered spin-up
Supports 48-bit LBA addressing
Supports ATAPI drives
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Product Brief
Page 1
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Supports Native Command Queue (NCQ)
Supports Hot-Plug
Supports Asynchronous Notification
Supports PM aware and non-PM aware
2.4 RAID
Fully hardware-accelerated RAID Engine
No driver, BIOS or software required for
RAID operation
No external DRAM or processor required
for RAID operation
Independent of device SATA port
connection sequence
Supports RAID levels: 0 / 1 / JBOD
SATA In-band application interface
Supports more than 2Tera Bytes RAID
Supports on-line read data integrity check
Supports on-line command based bad
sector recovery
Supports on-line Auto-Rebuild
Rebuild speed: 200GB/hour
Rebuild proceed continuously between
power cycling
2.5 GPIO
Supports 15 GPIOs
Supports I2C interface
Supports ISA interface
Supports SPI interface
Supports LED indicators
Supports LCD panel
Supports dual external firmware
2.6 Application
RAID Subsystem
NAS Servers
Backup Systems
Disk Clone Systems
Serial ATA Enclosures
Large Capacity & High Performance
Solid State Drive
Very Large Capacity Disk Systems
SATA Ports Expander
3. Functional Description
JMB390 is a highly integrated single chip. It integrates three high-speed Serial I/O’s, three SATA upper
layers, a high-performance RAID engine, a microprocessor, SRAM, PROM, a highly efficient data bus and
other control logic into the chip. With proper firmware programming, JMB390 can be used as SATA port
multiplier, RAID or disk clone system. The following paragraph describes each functional block in detail.
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Product Brief
Page 2
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3.1 Block Diagram
Figure 3.1 Function View of JMB390
Supporting Document
1 Product Brief
2 Data Sheet
3 Hardware Design Guide
4 Application Schematic
Contact Information
Tech. Support
Copyright © 2008 JMicron Inc. All rights reserved.
Product Brief
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JMB390 datasheet pdf
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JMB390 pdf
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