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Part Number JMB312
Description USB2.0 UVC WebCam Controller
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JMB312 USB2.0 UVC WebCam Controller
JMB312 is a USB 2.0 High-Speed (HS) and Full-Speed (FS) compatible PC Camera controller. It is fully
compliant with USB Video class 1.1. It can support most of available CMOS sensors with resolution range
from UXGA to QQVGA.
A high performance motion JPEG compression engine is built in JMB312 to support 15 fps@UXGA
(1600X1200), 20fps@SXGA (1280X1024) and 30 fps@VGA (640X480).
JMB312 also supports MJPEG header generation function to receive MJPEG data from CMOS sensor
and bypass it to USB controller
Compliant with USB Video Class 1.1 standard.
Built-in 8051 micro-controller
Support Video Data Format including Bayer Pattern (Raw8), YUV4:2:2, MJPEG YUV4:2:2
Format, MJPEG YUV4:0:0 Format
Support generic sensor parallel interface.
Built in 3.3V to 1.8V Regulators.
Package: 46 pins LQFN (4.5mm x 6.5mm)
Support Flash with SPI interface for external memory to store ROM code, sensor parameter and
Sensor Interface
Support YUY2 (8 bit), RGB (565) and RGB Bayer patter (8 bit)
Down-sampling frames for flow control
Output maximum 60MHz sensor clock
USB 2.0 interface
USB Video Class 1.1 compliant
Remote wake-up
Support 3 Endpoints: Control x 1, Isochronous x 1 and Interrupt x 1
Built-in UVC Camera Terminal Control
Auto-Exposure mode control
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Product Brief
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Auto-Exposure priority control
Exposure control
Privacy control
Pan and Tilt control
Built-in UVC Color Processing Control
Backlight compensation control
Brightness control
Contrast control
Gain control
Power Line Control
Hue Control
Gamma Control
White Balance Control
Motion JPEG Compression
Support USB Video Class MJPEG payload.
Support Sensor Input Format of YUV 4:2:2 and YUV 4:0:0
JPEG Operation Frequency Up to 72 MHZ
Fully compliant baseline ISO/IEC 10918-1 JPEG standard.
Support Enable/Disable JPEG Header Generation in MJPEG by-pass mode.
Support Up to Two Q-tables (Y and C) for providing programming compression ratio.
Support programmable Huffman tables (two AC and two DC)
Support Functionality to enable/disable header processing
Support MJPEG data bandwidth Calculation to avoid discontinue image show.
Support enable/disable APP0/APP1 Header Format generation.
Auto-adjust the Q-table to optimize the Image quality using
CBR (Constant Bit Rate) algorithm (JMicron’s Patent)
Debug Interface
Built-in JTAG interface in 100-pin LQFP
UART debug interface to access sensor registers
Easy download program with Xmodem protocol
Support Atmel(AT25F512A), MXIC(MX25L512), pFlash(PM25LV512A) & SST(SST25VF512A)
serial flash
Copyright © 2008 JMicron Inc. All rights reserved.
Product Brief
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Block Diagram
Supporting Document
1 Product Brief
2 Data Sheet
3 Hardware Design Guide
4 Application Schematic
Contact Information
Tech. Support
Copyright © 2008 JMicron Inc. All rights reserved.
Product Brief
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JMB312 datasheet pdf
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JMB312 pdf
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