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Part Number EMC4002
Description SMBus Fan Driver
Page 30 Pages

EMC4002 datasheet pdf
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SMBus Fan Driver with Temperature Monitoring
The EMC4002 is a combination fan controller device,
temperature sensor, and thermal monitor. It contains two
RPM based Fan Control Algorithms that monitor the
fan’s speed and automatically adjust the drive to
maintain the desired fan speed. These RPM based Fan
Control Algorithms act independently and can be
coupled to either a Dual Voltage High Side Fan driver or
a PWM output. The Dual Voltage High Side fan drivers
offer power savings by only drawing current from the
necessary supply line based on the output voltage
In addition, the EMC4002 monitors up to nine (9)
external diode or thermistor channels and up to seven
(7) voltage channels.
The EMC4002 also acts as an always on thermal
monitor to signal a system wide interrupt should the
CPU well temperature exceed a hardware set limit that
cannot be altered via software. This ThermTrip logic
uses signals from other external devices to determine
overall system operation.
Finally, the EMC4002 contains a programmable Low
Dropout Voltage Regulator to supply 3.3V, 2.5V, or a
user selected voltage. This LDO is muxed with one of
the two Dual Voltage High Side Fan Drivers for flexibility.
Each can source up to 600mA of current from the
VDD_5V supply.
RPM Closed-loop Control
— “Set and Forget control”
— 1% control accuracy with external clock
— Two 10 Bit PWMs
— Two 10 bit TACHs
BC-LinkTM Communications Interface
— Up to 24Mbps data rate
— Multiplexed with SMBus
Data Sheet
Flexible Thermal Monitors
— Anti-Parallel Diodes allow 2 thermal diodes on one
DP/DN pair
— Two DP and DN pins may also be used as voltage
inputs to monitor thermistors or voltages
Voltage Regulator Multiplexed with Dual Voltage Fan
— LDO: 3.3V in, 600mA @ 2.5V out, or 5V in, 400mA @
3.3V out
— Dual Voltage Fan Driver rated 600mA @ 5V
Vset uses a single 1% resistor
Voltage Programmable Fail-Safe Monitor
— External voltage programmed thermal sensor
— Can use either a remote diode or thermistor
ThermTrip Logic Integration
Dual Voltage Fan Driver
— Uses 5V or 3.3V supply for power efficiency
— 600mA maximum output current drive
— 10 bit resolution
Up to Nine External Temperature Monitors
— ±1°C Accuracy 60°C to 100°C
— Resistance Error Correction
— Automatically detects and supports CPU diodes
requiring the BJT or Transistor models
Up to Seven Voltage Monitors
— Monitors VDD
— Programming Voltage (VSET)
— Vcp1, Vcp2, and a low (0.8V max) voltage input
— Two voltage inputs mux’d on diode lines
5 (mux’d) General Purpose Digital I/O’s
SMBus 2.0 Compliant interface
— Two selectable addresses
— SMBus Alert
48 pin QFN, RoHS Compliant package, 7x7mm with
exposed pad
2014 Microchip Technology Inc.
DS20005276A-page 1

EMC4002 datasheet pdf
Download PDF for PC
EMC4002 pdf
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EMC4002 pdf

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