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Part Number EMC2103
Description RPM-Based Fan Controller
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EMC2103 datasheet pdf
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EMC2103 pdf
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RPM-Based Fan Controller with
Hardware Thermal Shutdown
Data Brief
General Description
The EMC2103 is an SMBus compliant fan controller with
up to up to 3 external and 1 internal temperature
channels. The fan driver can be operated using two
methods each with two modes. The methods include an
RPM based Fan Speed Control Algorithm and a direct
PWM drive setting. The modes include manually
programming the desired settings or using the internal
programmable temperature look-up table to select the
desired setting based on measured temperature.
The temperature monitors offer 1°C accuracy (for
external diodes) with sophisticated features to reduce
errors introduced by series resistance and beta variation
of substrate thermal diode transistors commonly found
in processors.
The EMC2103 also includes a hardware programmable
temperature limit and dedicated system shutdown
output for thermal protection of critical circuitry.
„ Notebook Computers
„ Projectors
„ Graphics Cards
„ Industrial and Networking Equipment
„ Programmable Fan Control circuit
— 4-wire fan compatible
— High and low frequency PWM
„ RPM based fan control algorithm
— 2.5% accuracy from 500RPM to 16k RPM
— Detects fan aging and variation
„ Temperature Look-Up Table
— Allows programmed fan response to temperature
— Controls fan speed or PWM drive setting
— Allows externally set temperature data to drive fan
— Supports DTS data from CPU
„ Up to Three External Temperature Channels
(EMC2103-2 only)
— Supports 45nm, 60nm, and 90nm CPU diodes
— Automatically detects and supports CPUs requiring BJT
or Transistor models
— Resistance error correction
— Supports discrete transistors (i.e. 2N3904)
— 1°C accurate (60°C to 125°C)
— 0.125°C resolution
„ Hardware Programmable Thermal Shutdown
— Cannot be altered by software
— 65°C to 127°C Range
„ Programmable High and Low Limits for all channels
„ Internal Temperature Monitor
— 2°C accuracy
— 0.125°C resolution
„ 3.3V Supply Voltage
„ SMBus 2.0 Compliant
— SMBus Alert compatible
„ Two dedicated GPIOs (EMC2103-2 and EMC2103-4
„ Available in 12-pin, QFN Lead-Free RoHS Compliant
Package (EMC2103-1 and EMC2103-3) or 16-pin,
QFN Lead-Free RoHS Compliant Package
(EMC2103-2 and EMC2103-4)
Revision 0.93 (01-08-10)

EMC2103 datasheet pdf
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EMC2103 pdf
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