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Part Number EM61001
Description 8-Channel Wave-Table Music Synthesizer
Page 18 Pages

EM61001 datasheet pdf
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EM61001 pdf
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Specifications* for
8-Channel Wave-Table Music Synthesizer
EM61000 series is an 8-bit micro-controller based music processor IC with audio
function that delivers 8 channels instrument playback. The micro-controller
includes a powerful 8-bit RISC CPU to handle most of the music functions, an 8K
words program ROM, and a voice ROM that extends up to 512K bytes. There are
eight melody channels that can be played back simultaneously. The
micro-controller provides real instrument waveforms to obtain good quality audio
melody. The EM61000 offers one 8-bit input port and one 8-bit I/O port with
internal pull-low/wake-up functions for user’s applications. In addition, up to
three general I/O ports are provided. By programming the micro-controller,
applications such as section combination, trigger mode, output control, keyboard
matrix, and other logic functions can be easily implemented. Together, all these
powerful features will inspire the user to realize a wide variety of ideas.
Operating voltage: 2.4 ~ 5.5V.
8-bit RISC CPU.
Three general-purpose timers.
8K word program ROM access and 8-level stacks.
Multi melody channels can be played simultaneously (8 channels for
EM61100~ EM61400, 4 channels for EM61001 and EM61002).
On chip voice ROM will extend up to 512K Bytes.
Uses real instrument waveforms for good quality audio melody.
Built-in 8-bit by 8-bit hardware multiplier with 16-bit result.
One 8-bit input port and one 8-bit I/O port with pull-low/wake-up functions.
Provides additional general-purpose I/O ports (up to 3 ports).
Provides crystal oscillation or internal oscillator (by connecting a resistor).
8-bit current DAC output: two for EM61100~EM61400; one for EM61001 &
Built-in watchdog timer (WDT).
* This specification are subject to be changed without notice.
4.9.2003 (V1.3)

EM61001 datasheet pdf
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EM61001 pdf
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