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Part Number D78F9177
Description UPD78F9177
Page 30 Pages

D78F9177 datasheet pdf
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µPD78F9177, 78F9177Y
The µPD78F9177 and µPD78F9177Y are µPD789177, 789177Y Subseries (small, general-purpose) in the 78K/0S
The µPD78F9177 replaces the internal ROM of the µPD789176 and µPD789177 with flash memory, while the
µPD78F9177Y replaces the ROM of the µPD789176Y and µPD789177Y with flash memory.
Because flash memory allows the program to be written and erased electrically with the device mounted on the
board, this product is ideal for the evolution stages of system development, small-scale production and rapid
development of new products.
Detailed function descriptions are provided in the following user’s manuals. Be sure to read them before
µPD789167, 789177, 789167Y, 789177Y Subseries User’s Manual: U14186E
78K/0S Series User's Manual Instruction: U11047E
• Pin compatible with mask ROM version (except VPP pin)
• Flash memory: 24 Kbytes
• High-speed RAM: 512 bytes
• Minimum instruction execution time can be changed from high-speed (0.4 µs: @5.0-MHz operation with main
system clock) to ultra-low-speed (122 µs: @ 32.768-kHz operation with subsystem clock)
• 10-bit resolution A/D converter: 8 channels
• I/O ports: 31
• Serial interface: 2 channels
3-wire serial I/O mode / UART mode: 1 channel
SMB (µPD78F9177Y only): 1 channel
• Timers: 6 channels
16-bit timer: 1 channel
8-bit timer/event counter: 2 channels
8-bit timer: 1 channel
Watch timer: 1 channel
Watchdog timer: 1 channel
• On-chip 16-bit multiplier
• Power supply voltage: VDD = 1.8 to 5.5 V
The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Before using this document, please
confirm that this is the latest version.
Not all devices/types available in every country. Please check with local NEC representative for
availability and additional information.
Document No. U14022EJ1V0DS00 (1st edition)
Date Published August 2000 NS CP(K)
Printed in Japan
The mark shows major revised

D78F9177 datasheet pdf
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D78F9177 pdf
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D78F9177 pdf

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