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Part Number D4SL-SK10-LK
Description D4SL-mounting Slide Key
Page 8 Pages

D4SL-SK10-LK datasheet pdf
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Slide Key
The Lockout key
safeguards workers.
For Safe and Secure Work
in Hazardous Areas
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D4SL-mounting Slide Key
D4SL Door-mounting Accessory with
Lockout Key to Prevent Workers from
Becoming Trapped inside Hazardous
• The vertical D4SL Guard Lock Safety-door Switch can be
easily mounted on 40 40 mm aluminum frames.
• The plastic material makes the Slide Key suitable for
lightweight doors.
Be sure to read the “Safety Precautions” on page 6.
D4SL (sold separately)
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zThe lockout key prevents workers from becoming trapped without using a padlock.
Note: Using LEDs enables confirming whether the door is locked or unlocked.
Example: D4SL-4NDA-D4N with mechanical lock and solenoid release
Locked (power not
Close door. supplied to solenoid)
The slide handle is closed.
The handle-shaped fixture makes
it easy to use the Door Switch.
Close door.
Unlocked (power supplied
to solenoid)
The slide handle is closed.
Lockout Key
Attach the supplied
caution labels for display.
Left door
Door Opening to
the Left.
The slide handle can be pulled.
Do not turn the key as in the figure above if the
slide handle is closed.
Open door. The slide handle is open.
Open door. The slide handle is open.
Open door. The slide handle is open.
The slide handle
does not move.
When the slide handle is open, the
lockout key can be pulled regardless
of whether power is being supplied
to the solenoid or not.
The slide handle is secured at the position shown in
the figure.
A worker holding the lockout key will not be trapped
locked inside the hazardous area by another person.
If the lockout key is not mounted, the
slide handle will not move and the
door will not close.
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Ordering Information
Applicable Door Switch
Weight: Approx. 0.6 kg
Mechanical durability:
20,000 operations min.
Slide Key: 1 (not yet mounted)
D4SL mounting plate: 1
Door Switch special mounting screws: 3
D4SL-K1S (operation key): 1
D4SL-K1S special mounting screws: 2
Lockout keys: 2
Lockout key strap: 1
Caution labels (stickers): 2 sheets
(English and Japanese)
Note: 1. The Door Switch is not included. Select the Door Switch depending on the necessary number of contacts and the conduit size. The
contents are provided as a total set, individual contents cannot be ordered separately.
2. Perform risk assessment for the equipment in question, configure relay units and other safety circuits, and use properly.
Applicable Door Switches
Guard Lock
Safety-door Switch
World Smallest Class 6-contact
Guard Lock Safety-door Switch
• Two types are available: a connector type
that reduces wiring time and a detachable
terminal block type.
• Robust and durable metal head
• Key holding force of 1,300 N.
• The wider key slot is less susceptible to
movement from doors, and can handle
doors with a small radius.
• By rotating the mounting part, it is possible,
both to change the key insertion point and
to enable mounting on various devices.
• Easy view LED indicators
• By utilizing the 6-contact type, both the
door open/closed status and the solenoid
ON/OFF status can be monitored
• A cost-effective 5-contact model is also
Model Number Legend
D4SL-@@@@-@ @@
–––– –––
1234 567
1. Conduit Size
2 : G1/2 (1 conduit)
3 : 1/2-14NPT (1 conduit) *1
4 : M20 (1 conduit)
2. Built-in Switch *2
5-contact Model
J : 1NC/1NO + 2NC/1NO
K : 1NC/1NO + 3NC
L : 2NC + 2NC/1NO
M: 2NC + 3NC
6-contact Model
N : 2NC/1NO + 2NC/1NO
P : 2NC/1NO + 3NC
Q : 3NC + 2NC/1NO
R : 3NC + 3NC
3. Head Material
D : Metal
4. Door Lock and Release
A : Mechanical lock/24 VDC solenoid
G : 24 VDC solenoid lock/mechanical
5. Indicator
D : 24 VDC (orange LED indicator)
6. Release Key Type
Blank : Standard release key
4 : Special release key
(Note: Release keys are provided.)
7. Connection Method
Blank : Terminal
N : Connector *3
*1. M20, includes M20-to-1/2-14NPT conversion adapter. (To be released.)
*2. For the solenoid lock model with built-in switch N, P, Q, and R, the door will not be locked
when the solenoid is turned ON before the door is closed.
Be sure to close the door before turning ON the solenoid.
*3. Connector cables are not included with the connector type and are to be purchased
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D4SL-SK10-LK datasheet pdf
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D4SL-SK10-LK pdf
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