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Part Number CP2125E
Description Step-Up White-LED Driver
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CP2125E datasheet pdf
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CP2125E pdf
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Product Brief
CP2125E V0.9
DC/DC Series
Step-Up White-LED Driver with Built-in Over-voltage Protection
www.datasheet4Gu.econmeral Description
The CP2125E is a step-up DC/DC converter specifically designed for
driving white LEDs with a constant current. The device can drive up to 5
white LEDs from a 3.0V power supply. PWM dimming control is
supported to adjust the brightness of white LEDs. The CP2125E switch
at 1.1 MHz, allowing the use of tiny components. 105mV/200mV
feedback voltage minimizes the power loss in the current setting
resistor for better efficiency. The CP2125E is equipped with built-in
over-voltage protection function, the SW pin monitors the output voltage
and will turn off the device if an over-voltage condition is present to
prevent damage from an open circuit condition. The CP2125E is
available in SOT23-5L package.
y Inherently matched LED current
y High efficiency: 84%(typical)
y Drives up to 5 LEDs from a 3.0V power supply
y Built-in over-voltage protection
y Fast 1.1 MHz switching frequency
y Shutdown current: <1μA
y Low profile SOT23-5L package
y Mobile phones
y Digital still cameras
y MP3 players
y PDAs
y GPS receivers
Pin Configurations
CP2125E Top View
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CP2125E datasheet pdf
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CP2125E pdf
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CP2125E pdf

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