Part Number


Manufacturer Harris Corporation
Short Description Operational Amplifier
Long Description Semiconductor January 1999 P CT ODU ODUCT R P PR TE OLE TITUTE S B O UBS 5 LE S HA-252 B I S OS CA3100 38MHz, Operat
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Datasheet : CA3100

  • CA3100 Operational Amplifier
  • CA3102 Dual High Frequency Differential Amplifier
  • CA3102 (CA30xx) Differential Amplifiers
  • CA3102 (CA3049 / CA3102) Dual High Frequency Differential Amplifiers
  • CA311 Voltage Comparator
  • CA311 Voltage Comparator
  • CA311 Single/Quad Types Comparators
  • CA3120E TV Signal Processor
  • CA3126 TV Chroma Processor
  • CA3127 High Frequency NPN Transistor Array
  • CA3130 BiMOS Operational Amplifier
  • CA3130 15Mhz BiMOS Operational Amplifier
  • CA3130 High Rellablilty BiMOS Operational Amplifiers
  • CA3130 BiMOS Operational Amplifiers
  • CA3130 Operational Amplifiers
  • CA3130A BiMOS Operational Amplifier
  • CA3130A 15Mhz BiMOS Operational Amplifier
  • CA3131 (CA3131 / CA3132) Power Amplifiers
  • CA3132 (CA3131 / CA3132) Power Amplifiers
  • CA3138 High-current / high-beta N-P-N transistor array
  • CA3138A High-current / high-beta N-P-N transistor array
  • CA3140 BiMOS Operational Amplifier
  • CA3140 4.5MHz / BiMOS Operational Amplifier with MOSFET Input/Bipolar Output
  • CA3140 BiMOS Operational Amplifier
  • CA3140A BiMOS Operational Amplifier
  • CA3140A 4.5MHz / BiMOS Operational Amplifier with MOSFET Input/Bipolar Output
  • CA3141 High-Voltage Diode Array For Commercial / Industrial and Military Applications
  • CA3142E TV Signal Processor
  • CA3146 (CA3146 / CA3183) High-Voltage Transistor Arrays
  • CA3146A High-Voltage Transistor Arrays
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