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Part Number AT42QT2100
Description QTouch Touch Sensor IC
Page 30 Pages

AT42QT2100 datasheet pdf
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AT42QT2100 pdf
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Atmel AT42QT2100
QTouch Touch Sensor IC
Number of QTouch® Keys:
– 0 to 7, one slider or one wheel
– Patented spread-spectrum charge-transfer
Key Outline Sizes:
– 5 mm x 5 mm or larger (panel thickness dependent); widely different sizes
and shapes possible
Key Spacing:
– 6 mm or wider, center to center (panel thickness, human factors
Key Design:
– Single solid or ring shaped electrodes; wide variety of possible layouts
Wheel Size:
– Typically 30 – 50 mm diameter, resistively interpolated wheel up to 80 mm
diameter, typical width 12 mm
Slider Size:
– Typically 50 – 100 mm length, typical width 12 mm
Slider/Wheel Electrode Design:
– Choice of spatially interpolated (resistorless) or resistively interpolated
– Slider can be an arc or other irregular shape
Layers Required:
– One layer substrate; electrodes and components can be on same side
– FR-4, low cost CEM-1 or FR-2 PCB materials; polyamide FPCB; PET films,
Electrode Materials:
– Copper, silver, carbon, ITO, virtually anything electrically conductive
Panel materials:
– Plastic, glass, composites, painted surfaces (nonconductive paints)
Adjacent Metal:
– Compatible with grounded metal immediately next to keys
Panel Thickness:
– For keys, up to 15 mm glass, 10 mm plastic (key size dependent)
– For slider/wheel, up to 4 mm glass, 3 mm plastic
Key Sensitivity:
– Adjustable via change in sampling capacitor (Cs) value

AT42QT2100 datasheet pdf
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AT42QT2100 pdf
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AT42QT2100 pdf

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