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Part Number AK4201
Description Stereo Cap-less HP-Amp
Page 13 Pages

AK4201 datasheet pdf
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AK4201 pdf
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= Preliminary =
Stereo Cap-less HP-Amp
The AK4201 is an audio stereo cap-less headphone amplifier. The AK4201 eliminates the need for large
DC-blocking capacitors with a built-in Charge-pump circuit. The PSRR (Power supply Rejection Ratio)
can achieve to 100dB with a built-in regulator, and it can output 2Vrms with excellent linearity when used
as lineout amplifier. The AK4201 is available in tiny 12-pin USON (2.2 X 2.9mm), saving board space,
cost, and component height.
† Stereo Cap-less Amplifier (No DC-blocking capacitors required)
† High PSRR (100dB at 217Hz)
† Output Power:
65 mW x 2ch @ 16Ω, AVDD=PVDD=5.0V, THD+N=-40dB
30 mW x 2ch @ 16Ω, AVDD=PVDD=3.3V, THD+N=-40dB
† Output Noise Level: 11µVrms (Ri=20kΩ, Rf=30kΩ)
† Line-Out level:
2.0Vrms @ 5kΩ, AVDD=PVDD=5.0V
2.0Vrms @ 5kΩ, AVDD=PVDD=3.3V
† Regulator built-in
† THD+N:
-60 dB @ 16Ω, 50mW, AVDD=PVDD=5.0V
-60 dB @ 16Ω, 20mW, AVDD=PVDD=3.3V
-90 dB @ 5kΩ, 2Vrms, AVDD=PVDD=5.0V
-90 dB @ 5kΩ, 2Vrms, AVDD=PVDD=3.3V
† Low Power Shutdown Mode
0.1µA (typ)
† Adjustable Gain Range:
-16 dB ~ 16dB
† Pop noise free at power-ON/OFF
† Power Supply: 2.6V ~ 3.6V or 4.5V ~ 5.5V
† Ta: 40 85°C
† Package: 12pin USON (2.2 x 2.9mm, 0.5mm pitch)
Rev 0.2

AK4201 datasheet pdf
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AK4201 pdf
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