Part Number


Manufacturer Analog Devices
Short Description PulSAR ADC
Long Description Data Sheet FEATURES 4-channel, 16-bit resolution ADC 2 track-and-hold amplifiers Throughput 500 kSPS (normal mode) 444 k
Page 26 Pages

Datasheet : AD7655

  • AD760 16/18-Bit Self-Calibrating Serial/Byte DACPORT
  • AD7605-4 Simultaneous Sampling ADC
  • AD7606 8-/6-/4-Channel DAS
  • AD7606-4 8-/6-/4-Channel DAS
  • AD7606-6 8-/6-/4-Channel DAS
  • AD7607 8-Channel DAS
  • AD7608 8-Channel DAS
  • AD7609 8-Channel Differential DAS
  • AD7610 Unipolar/Bipolar Programmable Input PulSAR ADC
  • AD7612 16-bit charge redistribution successive approximation register
  • AD7616 16-Channel DAS
  • AD7621 3 MSPS PulSAR ADC
  • AD7622 2 MSPS PulSAR ADC
  • AD7623 1.33 MSPS PulSAR ADC
  • AD7625 6MSPS PulSAR Differential ADC
  • AD7626 PulSAR Differential ADC
  • AD7628 CMOS Dual 8-Bit Buffered Multiplying DAC
  • AD7631 Differential Programmable Input PulSAR ADC
  • AD7634 Differential Programmable Input PulSAR ADC
  • AD7641 18-Bit 2 MSPS SAR ADC
  • AD7643 1.25 MSPS PulSAR ADC
  • AD7650 Low Cost CMOS ADC
  • AD7651 Unipolar ADC
  • AD7652 Unipolar ADC
  • AD7653 16-Bit 1 MSPS SAR Unipolar ADC
  • AD7654 Simultaneous Sampling ADC
  • AD7655 PulSAR ADC
  • AD7656 (AD7656 - AD7658) Bipolar 12/14/16-Bit ADC
  • AD7656-1 16-/14-/12-Bit ADC
  • AD7656A Simultaneous Sampling Bipolar 16-Bit ADC
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