Part Number


Manufacturer Fairchild Semiconductor
Short Description Low Power Configurable Gate
Long Description 74AUP1T97 — TinyLogic® Low Power Configurable Gate with Voltage-Level Translation October 2010 74AUP1T97 TinyLogic

Datasheet : 74AUP1T97

  • 74AUP1T00 Low-power 2-input NAND gate
  • 74AUP1T02 Low-power 2-input NOR gate
  • 74AUP1T04 Low-power inverter
  • 74AUP1T08 Low-power 2-input AND gate
  • 74AUP1T14 Low-power inverter
  • 74AUP1T17 Low-power buffer
  • 74AUP1T32 Low-power 2-input OR-gate
  • 74AUP1T34 Low-power dual supply translating buffer
  • 74AUP1T34-Q100 Low-power dual supply translating buffer
  • 74AUP1T45 Low-power dual supply translating transceiver
  • 74AUP1T50 Low-power buffer
  • 74AUP1T57 Low-power Configurable Gate
  • 74AUP1T57 Low-power configurable gate
  • 74AUP1T58 Low-power Configurable Gate
  • 74AUP1T58 Low-power configurable gate
  • 74AUP1T86 Low-power 2-input EXCLUSIVE-OR gate
  • 74AUP1T87 Low-power 2-input EXCLUSIVE-NOR gate
  • 74AUP1T97 Low Power Configurable Gate
  • 74AUP1T97 Low-power configurable gate
  • 74AUP1T98 Low-power configurable gate
  • 74AUP1T98-Q100 Low-power configurable gate
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