Part Number


Manufacturer Motorola
Short Description PNP germanium power transistors
Long Description 2N242 (GERMANIUM) 2N307, A CASE1~ PNP germanium power transistors for general pur- (TO_3lI1~ pose power amplifier and sw

Datasheet : 2N242

  • 2N20 N-Channel MOSFET Transistor
  • 2N2000 (2N2000 / 2N2001) alloy-junction germanium transistors
  • 2N2001 (2N2000 / 2N2001) alloy-junction germanium transistors
  • 2N2015 Power Transistors
  • 2N2016 Power Transistors
  • 2N2017 Small Signal Transistors
  • 2N2017 Trans GP BJT NPN 60V 0.5A 6-Pin TO-78
  • 2N2018 Trans GP BJT NPN 60V 0.5A 6-Pin TO-78
  • 2N2019 Trans GP BJT NPN 60V 0.5A 6-Pin TO-78
  • 2N2019A Trans GP BJT NPN 60V 0.5A 6-Pin TO-78
  • 2N2023 Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • 2N2023 Thyristor SCR 25V 1.4KA 4-Pin TO-94
  • 2N2024 Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • 2N2024 Thyristor SCR 50V 1.4KA 4-Pin TO-94
  • 2N2025 Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • 2N2025 Thyristor SCR 100V 1.4KA 4-Pin TO-94
  • 2N2026 Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • 2N2026 Thyristor SCR 150V 1.4KA 4-Pin TO-94
  • 2N2027 Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • 2N2027 Thyristor SCR 200V 1.4KA 4-Pin TO-94
  • 2N2028 Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • 2N2028 Thyristor SCR 250V 1.4KA 4-Pin TO-94
  • 2N2029 Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • 2N2029 Thyristor SCR 300V 1.4KA 4-Pin TO-94
  • 2N2030 Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • 2N2030 Thyristor SCR 400V 1.4KA 4-Pin TO-94
  • 2N2033 (2N2xxx) Power Transistors
  • 2N2034 (2N2xxx) Power Transistors
  • 2N2035 (2N2xxx) Power Transistors
  • 2N2042 PNP Transistor
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