Part Number


Manufacturer Motorola
Short Description PNP germanium power transistors
Long Description 19702N (GERMANIUM) 2N 1980 thru 2N 1982 ~ i J~ICASE 5 (T0-36) PNP germanium power transistors for general purpose amp
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Datasheet : 2N1981

  • 2N190 Alloy Junction Germanium Transistors
  • 2N1902 NPN Transistor
  • 2N1904 NPN Transistor
  • 2N1905 Trans GP BJT NPN 100V 10A 3-Pin TO-61
  • 2N1906 Trans GP BJT NPN 100V 10A 3-Pin TO-61
  • 2N1909 Phase Control SCR
  • 2N1909 Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • 2N1909 Thyristor SCR 25V 1.6KA 3-Pin TO-209AA
  • 2N191 Alloy Junction Germanium Transistors
  • 2N1910 Phase Control SCR
  • 2N1910 Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • 2N1910 Thyristor SCR 50V 1.6KA 3-Pin TO-209AA
  • 2N1911 Phase Control SCR
  • 2N1911 Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • 2N1911 Thyristor SCR 100V 1.6KA 3-Pin TO-209AA
  • 2N1911W Thyristor SCR 100V 1.6KA 3-Pin TO-209AA
  • 2N1912 Phase Control SCR
  • 2N1912 Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • 2N1912 Thyristor SCR 150V 1.6KA 3-Pin TO-209AA
  • 2N1913 Phase Control SCR
  • 2N1913 Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • 2N1913 Thyristor SCR 200V 1.6KA 3-Pin TO-209AA
  • 2N1914 Phase Control SCR
  • 2N1914 Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • 2N1914 Thyristor SCR 250V 1.6KA 3-Pin TO-209AA
  • 2N1915 Phase Control SCR
  • 2N1915 Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • 2N1915 Thyristor SCR 300V 1.6KA 3-Pin TO-209AA
  • 2N1916 Phase Control SCR
  • 2N1916 Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
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