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Part Number 25DF081
Description AT25DF081
Page 30 Pages

25DF081 datasheet pdf
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25DF081 pdf
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Single 1.65V - 1.95V Supply
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Compatible
– Supports SPI Modes 0 and 3
66 MHz Maximum Clock Frequency
Flexible, Uniform Erase Architecture
– 4-Kbyte Blocks
– 32-Kbyte Blocks
– 64-Kbyte Blocks
– Full Chip Erase
Individual Sector Protection with Global Protect/Unprotect Feature
– Sixteen 64-Kbyte Physical Sectors
Hardware Controlled Locking of Protected Sectors
Flexible Programming
– Byte/Page Program (1 to 256 Bytes)
Automatic Checking and Reporting of Erase/Program Failures
JEDEC Standard Manufacturer and Device ID Read Methodology
Low Power Dissipation
– 7 mA Active Read Current (Typical)
– 8 µA Deep Power-Down Current (Typical)
Endurance: 100,000 Program/Erase Cycles
Data Retention: 20 Years
Complies with Full Industrial Temperature Range
Industry Standard Green (Pb/Halide-free/RoHS Compliant) Package Options
– 8-lead SOIC (150-mil wide)
– 8-contact Ultra Thin DFN (5 mm x 6 mm x 0.6 mm)
– 11-ball dBGA (WLCSP)
SPI Serial Flash
1. Description
The AT25DF081 is a serial interface Flash memory device designed for use in a wide
variety of high-volume consumer based applications in which program code is shad-
owed from Flash memory into embedded or external RAM for execution. The flexible
erase architecture of the AT25DF081, with its erase granularity as small as 4-Kbytes,
makes it ideal for data storage as well, eliminating the need for additional data storage
EEPROM devices.
The physical sectoring and the erase block sizes of the AT25DF081 have been opti-
mized to meet the needs of today's code and data storage applications. By optimizing
the size of the physical sectors and erase blocks, the memory space can be used
much more efficiently. Because certain code modules and data storage segments
must reside by themselves in their own protected sectors, the wasted and unused
memory space that occurs with large sectored and large block erase Flash memory
devices can be greatly reduced. This increased memory space efficiency allows addi-
tional code routines and data storage segments to be added while still maintaining the
same overall device density.

25DF081 datasheet pdf
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25DF081 pdf
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25DF081 pdf

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