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Manufacturer ES Components
Short Description Small Signal Zener Diodes
Long Description ES Components 1N5728 – 1N5757 Family Bare Die DATA SHEET Small Signal Zener Diodes Wire Bondable, Epoxy Attach Bare
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Datasheet : 1N5742B

  • 1N5740 Diode Zener Single 15V 20% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
  • 1N5740A Diode Zener Single 15V 10% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
  • 1N5740B Small Signal Zener Diodes
  • 1N5740B Axial-Leaded 500 mW Zener Diodes
  • 1N5740B-1 Axial-Leaded 500 mW Zener Diodes
  • 1N5740C Diode Zener Single 15V 2% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
  • 1N5740D Diode Zener Single 15V 1% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
  • 1N5741 Diode Zener Single 16V 20% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
  • 1N5741B Small Signal Zener Diodes
  • 1N5741B Axial-Leaded 500 mW Zener Diodes
  • 1N5741B Diode Zener Single 16V 5% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
  • 1N5741B-1 Axial-Leaded 500 mW Zener Diodes
  • 1N5741C Diode Zener Single 16V 2% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
  • 1N5741D Diode Zener Single 16V 1% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
  • 1N5742 Diode Zener Single 18V 20% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
  • 1N5742B Small Signal Zener Diodes
  • 1N5742B Axial-Leaded 500 mW Zener Diodes
  • 1N5742B Diode Zener Single 18V 5% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
  • 1N5742B-1 Axial-Leaded 500 mW Zener Diodes
  • 1N5742C Diode Zener Single 18V 2% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
  • 1N5742D Diode Zener Single 18V 1% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
  • 1N5743 Diode Zener Single 20V 20% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
  • 1N5743B Small Signal Zener Diodes
  • 1N5743B Axial-Leaded 500 mW Zener Diodes
  • 1N5743B Diode Zener Single 20V 5% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
  • 1N5743B-1 Axial-Leaded 500 mW Zener Diodes
  • 1N5743C Diode Zener Single 20V 2% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
  • 1N5743D Diode Zener Single 20V 1% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
  • 1N5744 Diode Zener Single 22V 20% 500mW 2-Pin DO-35
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